Here are some pictures of an old iron furnace that is the namesake for the town of
Helen Furnace PA.

Birthplace of
Cliffton James Haslett Sr. in 1872
June Maria Myers in 1873.
My Great Grandparents. (Although I only knew June "Grammy")

The pictures were taken October 8, 1999

This is a sign in the center? of town explaining the history.

A view of the furnace from the front. Notice the small opening in the front.
There's an opening at the top as well.

This was taken from the inside looking up to the top.
Looks like it's now been covered to protect from accidents.

This is a closeup of the opening in the front.
My guess is that this is where all the action was.

Looking from the back you can see a bridge or ramp leading to the top of the furnace.
Looks like wood was probably fed in here.

Same thing from the other side

That small hole in the middle goes to the main chamber (the front opening)
Probably used to look inside
It's on the right side while facing the front.

View from the front looking up to the peak.
You can still see the burn marks in the face.

One last shot before I leave...

I'll update this with any info regarding the operation of these furnaces. So far I know nothing.